My name is Sona Prochazkova, which, when translated, means Sonya Walker.

It absolutely suits me. I love history and walking

I was born and raised in Prague in communist Czechoslovakia. After the Velvet Revolution in 1989, I also lived in Berlin and in London for a couple of years. I love traveling, going to different countries, especially Asia - Cambodia, Laos, India, Thailand. My next destination will be Japan.


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Becoming a tour guide, I have fulfilled my childhood dream. As a child I always followed the guides, carefully listening to their explanations. It was then that I decided to become an archaeologist. However, during the communist era, it was very hard to study archaeology because the department was open just every second year and only 3 people from the whole Czechoslovakia were admitted to the studies, so I instead studied and finished Economics. After several years working, the dream called me again and I found my dream job - guiding.

I love history, it’s details, hidden stories, finding out everything that happened in the past has such a huge impact today. That is what attracts me to history.
In Prague you will find me in cafes,  reading historical books or walking with a book and looking for small details. I can stand in front of a building for hours, admiring the beauty of the Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque eras and the many details I can find on the building.

I like making people happy; you, the visitor, always comes first. I am very empathic, caring, smiling, responsible. I am also very flexible, whatever  you need to do, I can organize it.
My work is my hobby.

I look forward to meeting you.