Gardens of the Lesser Town

Open only from 1.4. till 31.10.

The Lesser Town has its own charm and features. One of them is the number of gardens, which would be hard to find in the Old Town. This is due to the many palaces that have been built here since the 16th century.

We will start our walk with one of the most beautiful Baroque garden – the Wallenstein Garden, (with its attached palace) which we will walk through in its entirely and we will be able to admire the beautiful salla terrena and grotto, which used to belong to the most powerful general of the emperor’s armies – Albrecht von Wallenstein.

The next garden we will visit is the Voyan’s Orchards. The oldest gardens in Prague, founded as part of the bishop’s court in the 13th century.

Then the Knights of Malta Garden with the Beetowen plane tree will be waiting for us, where we will also learn why it is named after this famous composer.

And finally, we will head to the former island of Kampa, where mills stood until the 19th century.

Along the way, we will also admire

  • Church of Our Lady under the Chain
  • John Lennon Wall
  • Great Prior Mill
  • Lichtenstein Palace
  • Owl’s Mills
  • Werich Villa

Duration: approx. 3 hours

Price: according to the price list