Magical Vysehrad

Vysehrad has a very long history. For Czechia this is a legendary place, where the city of Prague was predicted, the place where Charles IV started his coronation procession to the Prague Castle, where some of our kings were buried. 

Many people are coming here to walk, to relax and to meditate. There are 4 menhirs to be find, magical Devils stone, where we can not sure, why we have them here. Some people also believe that there is a Devil hole to transport you somewhere else. Yes, this i salso Vysehrad.

You visit the whole site, going through the fortification’s gates (Taborska Gate, Leopold Gate), which were previously protected the Vysehrad’s hill. Finding the romanesque rotunda of St. Martin and basilica of St. Lawrence, gothic church of St. Peter and Paul and famous cemetery, where the best of the best from Bohemia were buried – Dvorak, Smetana, Capek, Destinova etc. I know, visiting a cemetery it is not nice place to see, but here it is different. This a masterpiece.

At the end, you can discover casemates. A place, where the soldiers were able to transport the entire army without being noticed.

Of course, there will be an amazing view to the whole Prague.


Price: according to the price list, it doesn’t include an admissions to the buildings

Duration: 3 hours