Strahov monastery – library and gallery

In the 12th century, a monastery on Mount Zion was built outside the town, which was inhabited from the beginning by the Premonstratensians or „White Brothers“.  
You will discover some of their interesting history – how they lived during the Second World War, the communist period and how they live today.

You will visit halls normally inaccessible to the public – the Theological and the Philosophical Halls, where you will unravel the mysteries of images and the history of philosophy.
You will look into the Church of Mary Assumption and later see the collection of paintings in their private collection (in the monastery)

Finally, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of Prague and a visit to the Strahov Brewery where we can taste St. Norbert’s beer.

You will see
– St. Roch Church
– Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
– Strahov Courtyard
– Strahov Library – Theological Hall, Philosophical Hall, Hall of Curiosities
– Strahov Monastery Brewery
– Strahov Monastery and Gallery
– the former Strahov Hospital
– view of Prague from Strahov Vineyards

Price: according to the price list + on the spot 550,- CZK/person

Duration: 3 hours