Let’s to attack the Castle

Prague Castle is unique. It has absolutely everything.
We will start the tour in the former royal zoo – the Lion’s Court, and you will learn about all the animals that were once here.
I’ll show you where they kept chickens, pheasants and other animals. You’ll discover where little Maria Theresa – Empress of Austria used to dance and maybe you’ll dance and do some running as well there (Lumbe garden).
You will visit St. Vitus Cathedral to find out what all happened there. You will also learn the correct name of the cathedral and sing a well-known song. You will see the courtyard of the Rosenberg and Lobkowicz Palaces. You might even meet the Lord of Lobkowicz!
In the end, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of Prague from a Prague Castle Bastion and you will have the opportunity to feel like kings and queens at least for a while.

And of course we will play and try to guess what all happened at the Castle.

Price: according to the price list

Duration: 2 hours

It is possible to extend the tour by visiting the interiors of Prague Castle or private collection of Lobkowicz Palace.