Prague castle and its interiors

Prague Castle is a symbol of statehood and all rulers – kings, emperors and presidents have tried to leave their traces here so that their names would be immortal for future generations.

By visiting the interiors, we will try to explore, discover and realize the uniqueness of this beautiful castle complex.

The history to this place goes up to the 9-th century. From that time our Bohemian history was formed. Nothing has happened if it hasn’t been discussed here. Who rules from here, he rules to the whole country.

We will visit the most importatn places of the Prague Castle

  • Royal garden – the first Rainessance garden in Bohemia and Moravia, where the Czech communistic presidents used to live
  • Cathedral of St. Vitus, where are famous knights and kings are burried, where our kings and queens were coronated
  • the Royal palace, where the kings accepted the foreign ambassadors, where the defenestration happend, where the royal court took place
  • the Basilica of St. George – the oldest building in the Prague castle area from the 10th century, which belonged to Benedictine nuns, also a place of Bohemian knights burrial
  • Rosenberg palace – belonged to the most powerful family owning Cesky Krumlov – one of the most picturesque town in Czechia
  • the Golden line – a smallest „hobit“ street previously inhabited by alchemist
  • Lobkowicz palace – still being owned by the Lobkowicz family since 16th century (possible to visit their private gallery)

Price: according to the price list + admission to Prague Castle according to the current price list

Duration: 3 hours