Over Goat Ridges – nature just outside Prague

You are going to explore the beautiful surroundings of Prague, where your journey will start at the very end of Prague and from there we will walk over the rocky Goat Ridges to the site of one of the oldest settlements – Unetice. We will walk through beautiful nature of rocks and forests with beautiful views to the countryside. We will climb to the steep top of the rock (Ales viewpoint) and then be rewarded with a homemade cake or lemonade in a local café – U lasiku.
Then we will follow the stream through the „Silent Valley“ past beautiful First Republic villas to the local castle Roztoky, which we can also visit.

You will admire the beautiful nature of the combination of forest and rocks, the beautiful views of the surroundings will stretch out before us in contrast with the villas of mostly former Jewish merchants and finally the old Roztoky castle, which the communists wanted to demolish and in its place to expand the penicillin factory, which is located right next to it.

Duration: 4 hours

Distance: 7 km

It is possible to adapt the tour according to your physical abilities.



1-3 persons

5.300,- CZK

4-6 persons

6.200,- CZK

7+ persons

upon request

Price includes: pick up from the hotel, the car service with a driver, guide service during the whole tour, back to Prague by car to your desired place

Price does not include: refreshments, any entrance fees