Secret of the Prague Castle Gardens

Prague Castle is known as the king residence, but it also has a large number of gardens located in its surroundings. They were used for entertainment, ballet performances, walks of the nobility, sports competitions and also as a zoological garden.
On the other hand, there existed as the so-called utility section, where vegetables were grown, cattle and pheasants were kept for the king’s table.

Your tour will start with the most important garden, the Royal Garden, which you will explore and discover what was so interesting about it. You’ll find its diversity and learn where presidents in the garden used to live.
Just opposite there is the forgotten Lumbe Garden, which Václav Havel had reconstructed. Today it serves as the residence of the presidents and you will be able to sneak a little peek inside.
The Garden Na baště will take you to Prague Castle and you will get a glimpse of the original Deer Moat, now an interesting English park.
The last gardens are located below the Prague Castle – the Paradise garden and the Na valech Garden, where Prague will open up in all its splendour and you will have the opportunity to feel like kings and queens.

On the way down you will enjoy the beautiful terraced Great Furstenberg Garden.

The walk is ONLY available from April 1 – October 31, when the gardens are open.

Price: according to the price list + possible entrance fee to the Great Furstenberg Garden (50,- CZK)

Duration: 3 hours