Forgotten Streets of the Lesser Town

We will begin our walk at Strahov Monastery, which was founded in the 12th century and returned to its original owners – the Premonstratensians – after the Velvet Revolution.
From there we will continue down the hill and pass the hospital, which reveals one of the mysteries of the Charles Bridge. And not only that – we will learn why it was also declared one of the best hospitals in relation to the patient – Hospital under the Petrin Hill. We will discover the hidden garden of the Lobkowitz Palace and the vanished village of St. John, where 2 churches with a cemetery once stood. Just for a short while we will walk along Nerudova Street, which is famous for its picturesque house signs.
We will uncover the secrets of the small streets and passages and reach the current American and Irish Embassy.
You can finish the walk in a charming café in the Lesser Town.

You’ll learn
– where Magistrate Kelly may have lived
– where the most enigmatic Baroque architect Santini, creator of the Gothic Baroque style, is buried.
– who were the Barotse
– how Prague expanded
– where Franz Kafka lived before he went to a sanatorium.
– discover the statues from Charles Bridge and wonder why they’re no longer there.
– what films have been made here?
– who were the Vlachs and why is the street named after them

Price: according to the price list

Duration: 2 hours