Prague and WW2

Czechoslovakia was one of the first countries to be occupied by the Nazis. Hitler had a great plan – „March Breeze“, to occupy my country and pretend to protect it.
We will begin from the very start – how it all began to the end of the war. Did you know that the last battle in Europe was fought near Prague?

From the Square of the Republic we will go to the Old Town Square and further to the Jewish Town. Than we will take a tram to the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius, which is associated with Operation Anthropoid, where we will see the church and its crypt and find out how the last battle of the seven paratroopers probably happened.

I have been researching WWII for over 6 years, looking for more evidence to uncover the hidden causes of WWII. There are still so many secrets to be uncovered.
I would like to share with you all the facts I have found and show you old authentic photos and documents to make the history of WWII come alive.

You will learn
– what the Munich Agreement consisted of
– what Hitler’s Operation Spring Breeze was intended to achieve
– why Hitler had such an enormous interest in getting the Czech Republic among the first occupied countries
– what happened to the Resistance during the Protectorate
– who were the Three Kings
– why Reinhard Heydrich – Hitler’s best man was sent to Bohemia as Protector
– how Operation Anthropoid happened
– why Prague was one of the last liberated places in Europe
– why Prague was not destroyed by bombing like other European cities
– what was the May 1945 uprising like
– why Terezin was created and – what it was
– why Prague’s Jewish town – was not destroyed during World War II
– how big the current Jewish community is
and much more

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Duration: 3 hours

There is no tour on Mondays.